We’re a group of like-minded people who wake up every day with the aim to inspire responsible leadership, prepare individuals to tackle global challenges, and connect business to society. That’s our mission!

We are a leadership development design firm that helps great organizations develop great leaders. We design leadership solutions that help people and organizations expand to their full potential.

Our Story

Developed in 2009 inside the venture lab at IE Business School in Madrid, Spain, we help companies create transformative leadership programs that increase employee engagement, create a positive workplace environment, embrace radical transparency, and align company incentives with people and planet.

We also work with academic institutions around the world to promote responsible leadership in their students. Our programs use social impact projects and leadership development curriculum to enhance participants’ business and entrepreneurial skills through a deeper understanding of the social sector and a more reflective and self-aware business acumen.

Our Values

We envision a world where business leaders and organizations are committed to social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and financial success.

Our advice:

    • Love what you do, do it mindfully.

    • Encourage collaboration and mutual success.

    • Commit to personal growth, strive to achieve.

    • Embody diversity and foster empathy.

    • Be an agent for change.

    • Act with integrity, authenticity, and purpose.

    • Empower people through action.

    • Have fun, be awesome.


Our Network

Formed by an international group of professionals, fellows, collaborators, corporations and field partners who are willing to work together to embrace change, seize the plethora of opportunities the world is presenting and make a difference that will last for generations.


A new breed of leaders is needed and it must emerge. At emzingo we’re all driven to seek the transformation of people’s lives, make positive impact, and embrace the power of change. Be bold. Come join the crazy ones!
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Our Team

Together we represent an effective blend of skills and experience in consulting, business, international development, training and leadership, and an ever-growing global network have inspired us to grow into a great company… Come meet us!

Drew Bonfiglio

Managing Partner, Co-Founder

Born in Jamestown, New York, Andrew has had the opportunity to live and work on 5 continents. During this time, he discovered his motivation and energy come from improving processes, and working in teams with inspiring people. He is obsessed with unlocking potential in individuals and businesses. At Emzingo, aside from managing the internal processes he supports Field Partner Development and Curriculum Design. Andrew graduated from Cornell’s College of Engineering and holds an MBA from IE Business School in Madrid.

Ramón Marmolejos

Managing Partner, Co-Founder

Born in the Dominican Republic, Ramon has been a New Yorker his whole life, and a true explorer of the world. He has spent time living and working across several countries in Europe, Africa and North America. He has a passion for the intersection of business and society, and how to create authentic linkages between the two; his focus is on human capital strategy and leadership development. Ramon graduated from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and completed an MBA from IE Business School in Madrid .

Pablo Esteves

Managing Partner

Pablo is from Mexico City, Mexico. He has been involved in entrepreneurial endeavors for over ten years, ranging from working in a media startup in Mexico to opening and running a coffee shop. He has lived, worked and studied in five cities across four different countries including Mexico, United States, Spain and South Africa. At Emzingo, he manages all activities related to Branding and Strategic Communication, and the development of Strategic Partnerships; he also supports Curriculum Design, and Talent Selection. “I like nonsense; it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living…” – Dr. Seuss

Daniel Pulaski

Managing Partner

Originally from New Jersey, USA, but with a Spanish/Latino heart and soul, Daniel has lived and worked on 4 different continents. He has managed Emzingo’s NexGen Fellowship, designing experiential learning programs in South Africa, and expanding Emzingo’s presence to a second site in Peru. He finds inspiration through conversation and believes that entrepreneurship is a driver of social and economic change. After studying at Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service, and spending two years as a volunteer in South America, he completed his MBA at IE Business School in Madrid.

Maryem Sáder

Branding and Business Development

Maryem loves learning in all its forms!
Born in Caracas, she grew up traveling and discovering new schools, cities and friends. She has since lived, studied and worked in places as wonderful and diverse as Madrid, Miami, Caracas, Barcelona, Luxor or Vienna.
Her great passion for psychology and culture lead her to focus on pursuing the powerful art of marketing and communications, and translating big, innovative ideas into concepts that can relate to universal motivations.
Maryem loves her work and embraces laughter as an essential ingredient for life, happiness -and survival.

Julie Savaria

Business Development and Academic Partnerships

Julie is a global citizen at heart. Of Senegalese and Canadian descent, she has travelled and lived in many African countries, building a special tie to the continent that has determined her to actively tackle some of the complex challenges plaguing it.
A biochemist by training, she worked in clinical research on the effects of environmental contaminants on pregnancies and child development before completing an MBA from McGill university. During her MBA she realized the potential of businesses contributing to long-lasting solutions in the social sector, and it was love at first sight with Emzingo. Her passion for social impact, international development and humanity is her driving force and she embraces life as it comes!

Sandisile Tshuma

Country Manager, South Africa

Sandisile is a Zimbabwean storyteller, health, development and human rights practitioner who studied Molecular and cellular biology, public health, disaster management and acting and has a professional background in monitoring, evaluation and communication in sexual and reproductive health programmes in East and Southern Africa.
She is also an award winning short story writer, the founding editor of AntuAke online magazine, and 5-year blogger.
Sandisile has a special interest in young people, particularly those made vulnerable by HIV and AIDS, and is involved in supporting the work of Vanavevhu (Children of the Soil), The Lonely Road Foundation (Aluwani) and COPESSA.

Chris Maclean

Associate, South Africa

Chris actively supports all of Emzingo’s activities in South Africa. Prior to joining Emzingo, Chris worked across of a number sectors ranging from the United Nations, the Canadian military, non-profit and print media. “I joined Emzingo because I believe in and wanted to learn more about the potential for private sector solutions and leadership in tackling development challenges.” Chris has lived in 11 different countries across each of the continents. He holds a BA from McGill University in Montreal and earned his Masters from London School of Economics and Political Science.

Where To Find Us

New York and Boston, United States

Emzingo Group is an international company by design, but, of course, we had to incorporate somewhere. Our founding members chose to incorporate in the United States of America and have representation in New York City and Boston.

Madrid, Spain

Emzingo Group founders met in Madrid while doing their MBA and spent a significant amount of time developing the business while living in Europe. Some of our team members are always enjoying sunny Madrid.

Johannesburg, South Africa

As the first location of our programs, South Africa holds a special place in our hearts. We always look forward to exploring ideas and opportunities in South Africa. Our operations in this dynamic country are based in Johannesburg.

Lima, Peru

Our second location. Peru was chosen for it great potential, amazing people and ebullient nonprofit/social enterprise sector. One of our team members is regularly working from the vibrant city of Lima.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In 2014, Brazil hosted two big events: the FIFA World Cup, and Emzingo’s first ever program in this beautiful country. As part of our international expansion, we began operations in the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro. And yes, we enjoy the occasional trip to Sao Paulo.



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