Emzingo is a Social Enterprise and Certified B-Corporation focused on preparing the next generation of responsible leaders.

We work with values-driven companies, family businesses, and universities who believe that behaviour does not change unless your worldview shifts.


Emzingo creates leadership programs that increase employee engagement, foster innovation, create a positive workplace environment, and align company incentives with people and planet.



Emzingo-U partners with university Faculty and Staff to design faculty-led Social Impact Treks, Summer Impact Fellowships, on-campus workshops, and electives that include an immersion experience.

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There was life before Emzingo and life AFTER Emzingo.

David Chee - MBA, Fordham University

Emzingo gave me an opportunity to explore social entrepreneurship at the ground level, which not only give me confidence, but also an opportunity to put my MBA learnings in practice. Even today I often draw from tools I built during my Emzingo engagement.

Ashley King Bischof - Markit Opportunity, Founder & CEO

It was one of the best workshops I’ve ever done. The content and the innovation process were extremely insightful. The most important aspect was that the project was real, and drove social impact. Suddenly, the work is more meaningful.”

Corporate Workshop Participant - Director, IT Consulting Firm

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