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NexGen Fellowship Program

In a nutshell

The NexGen Fellowship is a 6 to 8 week immersion program that combines group learning, reflective practice and personal coaching with a hands-on social impact project in an emerging country. These projects help our field partners -made up of nonprofits and social enterprises – solve some of their most complex problems, leveraging the technical experience of our participants.

The program is designed so that each of its components imparts a deep understanding of the political, sociocultural, and economic context of the country in which we are operating. The NexGen Fellowship focuses on five areas that are critical for tomorrow’s leaders: Sustainability, Innovation and Change, LeaderSHIFT, Global Management and Cultural Awareness, and Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence.

Redefining Leadership

Our NexGen Fellowship is changing the face of experiential learning programs. We’ve created a dynamic fellowship comprised of four key components:

  • Learning by thinking: A comprehensive classroom-based and experiential change curriculum with locally sourced subject matter experts, professors, and corporate stakeholders;
  • Learning by doing: A social impact consultancy project, where fellows apply acquired knowledge, and work with social sector partnerships created through our existing networks, including Ashoka Fellows and Endeavor companies:
  • Learning by reflecting: A self-reflection component using proven transformational models and expert facilitators; and finally,
  • coaching program focused on personal development, with peer-to-peer and professional coaching feedback.

Personal Transformation

Why do we believe in the power of personal transformation? Transformation for participants leads to increased self-awareness, a deep understanding of sustainable value, and the ability to co-create solutions. We also work to transform social sector organizations by building organizational capabilities, which apply effective market principles, ultimately increasing the reach and benefit for the community. Learn more about how you can be part of this program.

Social Impact Projects

We work shoulder-to-shoulder with nonprofits, social enterprises, social entrepreneurs, and foundations to deliver meaningful, high-impact, projects for our participants.

Our partner organizations tackle a wide range of issues, in a number of areas, including: HIV/AIDS, Education, Poverty, Job Creation, and Early Childhood Development. Discover more about our Field Partners.

Program Specifics

The NexGen Fellowship can be divided into three phases. This includes an:

  • Orientation Phase, with a country-specific briefing, initial leadership curriculum, an overview on personal coaching, and an introduction to proven transformational frameworks, such as Theory U, which are applied throughout the program.
  • Next, in the In-Country Phase, participants work for up to 8 weeks on social impact consultancy projects with the mentorship of professional consultants and in parallel, complete a leadership curriculum, all the while going through a reflective transformational process with a professional coach.
  • The final phase, Reintegration, allows participants to complete and submit their project deliverables; and, more importantly, encourages them to reflect on and share the impact of this transformational experience with their peers and colleagues.


Do you want to know more about our NexGen Fellowship? Are you up for the challenge? Do you want to be part of the leaderSHIFT? Let us know! We would love to hear from you. Connect


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