Throughout my life I felt that I was one of the few people (in my circle) who really had his feet on the ground and knew the reality of life, and this Emzingo experience in PUSH (Persevere Until Something Happens – an NGO in Soweto that works with people with HIV/AIDS in the local community) has proved me wrong. I felt after that I had spent my whole life living in a bubble – that things I saw at PUSH didn’t exist.
I chose this picture because the girl’s eyes, her smile, her whole body and face transmit to me how I feel about life now. Even though she might be infected or affected by HIV/AIDS there is always hope and joy in life and that – at some points – can be kind of blurry and confusing but at the end just one smile can change your world. On few occasions in my life have I heard people saying “that it is impossible to change the world”, I honestly believe that is true, it is impossible to change the whole world, but what I learned throughout my experience at PUSH is that each person in this world lives in his own world and if you help to change just one person, believe me, you can change his/her world.

PUSH and Emzingo, Thank you for this amazing and unique experience I will always remember it!

-Lisandro J. Marcarrulla

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