The time has come…

Nine IE MBA students are about to embark themselves on an amazing trip that will lead them to the “Rainbow Nation”. South Africa, a country of diversity and hope. Two Brazilians, two Americans, one British, one Lebanese and three Spanish form the first group of Emzingo Fellows.

They are walking towards one of the biggest challenges of their lives. We are in the midst of a profound change in society: social movements are beginning to operate with the same entrepreneurial and competitive skills that have driven business ahead and we want to be part of this fascinating trend.

During the next six weeks, they will have the opportunity to work on consulting projects for four NGOs operating in Johannesburg (P.U.S.H., Engender Health, SSP and Endeavor).

They live fool with humbleness and openness and with the hope of being able to make a difference.

You will all get news from us every day!

Now, we are ready!

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