True leadership isn’t  learned in a classroom or sitting quietly
in front of a computer… We help you get out there!

Of Gen Y leaders believe they can make a difference in the world
of working millenials would leave a company due to a value mismatch

Embrace LeaderSHIFT ™

With rapid changes in business, a new form of leadership training is needed

Socially conscious. Aligned with people and planet.

A holistic approach where learning by doing meets a dynamic leadership curriculum.

Innovative, fast-paced, and collaborative

Reconnected to society through immersive experiences


Creating market-based solutions rooted in a deep understanding of the real needs of the people we work with, and leveraging the strengths of business and social actors to redefine the way we understand leadership.


Responsible Leadership.
Action Learning.


Cultural Immersion.
Market-based solutions.


Social Impact.
Personal Development.

A Win – Win – Win Approach

Benefit for Businesses and Academic Institutions

Create meaningful opportunities for community engagement; increase brand value.

Integrate social innovation into corporate culture and strategy, creating business and social value.

Increase employee retention, motivation, and commitment, improving the leadership pipeline.

Benefit for the participants

Build leadership skills among program participants.

Increase the participants’ understanding of the business role in society and view of the world.

Enhance cultural adaptability and develop new skills.

Presents an exciting opportunity to apply newly acquired skills.

Benefit for society

Build capacity for social sector organizations in emerging markets.

Provide access to normally scarce resources.

Increase the ability to serve local communities.

Move beyond a “pair of hands” approach, providing new knowledge and long-lasting impact instead.

And Yes… It Works!

Since 2010, we’ve run 13 programs and managed 97 projects in Africa and South America
impacting people, organizations and communities alike.


• 165 fellows from 49 countries have participated in our programs.

• 2,188 learning, coaching, and mentoring hours delivered to program participants.

• 100% of our participants would recommend our programs to other candidates.


• 32,944 consulting hours provided by our participants to social organizations.

• 372 hours of leadership development training provided to organizations.

• 25% of our projects are focused on improving operational efficiency and strategic planning.


• 56 NPO/NGOs, social enterprises, and community based organizations supported in South Africa and Peru.

• 5,326 days of full community immersion through our programs.

• 100% of our projects are addressing UN millennial development goals.


We create long-lasting positive social impact.

We have demonstrated that well-prepared individuals –with the right skill set and the passion to solve social problems– can make long-lasting positive change in an efficient and effective way.

UN Millenium Development Goals Our Programs are Tackling

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Interested in joining one of our programs?

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