“Sudáfrica, ¿dónde sino?”

Ho… ho…. ho…. Here, in Johannesburgo I feel like Santa Claus, why? Because it’s very cold and I’m eating as a hippo.

Since these internship started we’ve passed a lot of things, by the way we only have completed 3 weeks (1 in Jo’burg). I am learning a lot about how to deal with other cultures and how the south africans do business.

These is a country that offers you the best face in every moment, maybe the World Cup help to get reached the unexpected…let see what happen when the final ends. The experiences that I lived are incredible….the airline lost my suitcase, I had lived one week with one trouser, we were close to find a bomb-bag, I have been in the quarter finals of the world cup, I’ve seen the biggest amount of poverty I’ve never saw, etc…. what more I want? South Africa is teaching me great things, and also not to lose the hope on that something good is happening to these country …

We will see what the next weeks have prepare for us! See you, Cheers from Joburg Viva España!!!!!!!

by Guillermo Eguidazu

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