Brazil Social Innovation Forum

“Social Means Business: Business Means Social”

Rio de Janeiro – April 10th, 2015

Identify and create new opportunities in one of the world’s most challenging and exciting markets. Join Emzingo for the Brazil Social Innovation Forum.

  • Analyze social entrepreneurship and innovation from a business perspective.

  • Connect, network, and learn from other national and international stakeholders in Brazil.

  • Explore topics such as shared value, business at the bottom of the pyramid, and responsible leadership, through a series of panels, workshops, interactive sessions and a social innovation challenge.

  • Apply social innovation frameworks to evaluate new market opportunities, and design practical next steps to create shared value initiatives inside your organization.

  • Take an active role debating how business leaders can take action, create impact, and lead change in a challenging economic environment.

  • Blend the social sector’s renowned creative use of limited resources, positive impact, and ability to engage workers and volunteers with the business sector’s entrepreneurial perspective, financial sustainability, and scalability.

Agenda – April 10th, 2015. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


08:00h,NETWORKING BREAKFAST – Networking breakfast on social innovation.


09:00h,INSPIRE – Small table discussions around what is working in the social innovation space.

10:45h,LeaderSHIFT – understanding the shift to a new model of leadership focused on personal growth; emotional literacy and applying social engagement as good business. Guest Speaker: Cynthia ScottFaculty Director of Executive Programs at Presidio Graduate School.

11:00h,BUSINESS MEANS SOCIAL – Inspired by the concept of Shared value creation how businesses can incorporate social impact into their strategies. Guest Speakers: Laercio CardosoFormer Vice President Marketing at UnileverMario LimaSustainability Director at EYPedro MassaShared Value Director at COCA-COLATomas de LaraAmbassador at Sistema B; Renata PuchalaSustainability Manager at NATURA; Pedro TarakMember of B Team.

12:00h,SOCIAL MEANS BUSINESS – Case Champions “speakers” located at round tables will host overview/stories of how they have created social impact using market-based principles. Guest Speakers: Valeria MerinoFormer Vice President at AshokaAlice FreitasSocial Enterpreneur/Co-founder at Rede AstaTom MooreCEO at Mandalah; Flavia Lemes da Cunha – Co-founder at Dobra; Leonardo Letelier – CEO at Sitawi; Pedro VeigaRio Prefeitura; Vera CordeiroSocial Enterpreneur/Co-founder at Saude Crianca; Florencia EstradaCEO at Cria Global.

13:30h,PREPARE – Social innovation workshop to understand how to apply design thinking to solve social problems.

14:30h,CONNECT – “Social Innovation Hackathon”: where a field partner (NGO; social business) will present an overview of organization and the innovation challenge to participants and then work in small teams using design thinking to approach the issue.

16:30h,CLOSING SESSION – Anchoring learning in Action: guided reflection in small groups to discuss shared value opportunities and how to incorporate what you have learned into your business strategy and tangible next steps.




Cynthia Scott


Faculty Director - Presidio University

Flavia Lemes da Cunha


Co-Founder at Dobra

Alice Freitas


Co-founder - Rede Asta

Pedro Veiga


Rio Prefeitura

Pedro Tarak


Member of B Team

Laercio Cardoso


Consultant on BOP

Tomás de Lara


Brazil Ambassador for Sistema B

Tom Moore


Partner – Mandalah

Leonardo Letelier


CEO at Sitawi

Vera Cordeiro


Social Enterpreneur/Co-founder at Saude Criança

Mario Lima


Sustainability Director - EY

Valeria Merino


Founder at Sangay Group

Pedro Massa


Shared Value Director at Coca-Cola

Florencia Estrade


CEO at Cria Global

Renata Puchala


Gerente de Sustentabilidade da NATURA


Light Cultural Center
168 Av. Mal. Floriano
2º andar – Centro
Rio de Janeiro, RJ 20080


We find ourselves in an increasingly challenging, complex and interdependent economic, social, and environmental context. It is has become more difficult, and one could argue, somewhat dangerous, to separate business and the social sector, especially when there is a greater need than ever for new opportunities, and a new forms of thinking. We need to go beyond charity and current sustainability debates and look for innovative ways to promote connections, collaboration, and co-creation between corporate and social sector actors, so that together, we find sustainable solutions to our challenges. The social sector is renowned for its creative use of limited resources, positive social, environmental impact, and ability to engage its workers and volunteers to give their all. The business sector has an entrepreneurial perspective and an array of tools and practices that can promote financial sustainability and scalability. The world needs leaders who can bridge these all too often disconnected worlds and leverage their joint potential – leaders who understand how social can really mean business, and business really mean social.
“In the future, companies will survive only if they help solve big social problems.” – Forbes Magazine


Emzingo’s Social Innovation Forum is a unique event that goes well beyond guest speakers and panels. Not only will participants learn from experts and peers about topics like shared value and business at the base of the pyramid, but also actively take part in a Social Innovation Hackathon – a hands-on workshop with one of Emzingo’s impact sector field partners. The goal? To practice and experience collaboration and co-creation between business and the social sector through the application of design thinking tools and business models.  Finding innovative solutions to social challenges.
Following this immersion experience the participants will have the opportunity to think together about how to apply their learnings back into their organizations. Participants will leave the event with an understanding of what capabilities are necessary for leaders and organizations to apply social innovation in order to evaluate new market opportunities and the practical next steps to creating shared value initiatives inside their organizations.





This is how you can collaborate with the Social Innovation Forum:


You can confirm your participation in the conference by emailing with the following information:
– Name
– Title
– Company/Organization
– Contact Number
– Contact Email


Please let us know if you would like to participate as a speaker, panelist, or facilitator of one of the sessions.
You can contact Gabriela Ferreira Borges.


If your organization would be interested in sponsoring the event, you can receive more information by contacting Daniela Carvalho.

Field Partner

If you have a project that you would want to be considered for the social innovation challenge, please email Ramon Marmolejos.

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