We’re a group of like-minded people who wake up every day with the aim to inspire responsible leadership, prepare individuals to tackle global challenges, and connect business to society. That’s our mission!

Win – Win – Win Approach

Benefit for the organization

Create meaningfull opportunities for community engagement, ande increase the value of the brand.

Integral social innovation into corporate culture and strategy, creating business and social value.

Increase employee retention, motivation, and commitment, improving the leadership pipeline.

Benefit for the participants

Build the leadership skills of the program participants.

Increase the participants understanding of the business role in society and view of the world.

Enhance cultural adaptability and develop new skills.

Present an exciting opportunity to apply newly acquired skills.

Benefit for society

Build the capacity of social sector organizations in emerging markets.

Provide access to normally scarce resources.

Increase ability to server local communities.

Move Beyond a “pair of hands” approach, instead providing new knowledge, and long-lasting impact.

Market-Based Solutions


New York, United States.

Emzingo Group is an international company by design, but, of course, we had to incorporate somewhere. Our founding members chose to incorporate in the United States of America and have representation in New York City.

Madrid, Spain.

Emzingo Group founders met in Madrid while doing their MBA program and spent a significant amount of time developing the business while living in Europe. One of our team members is always enjoying the fun city of Madrid.

Johannesburg, South Africa.

As first location of our programs, South Africa holds a special place in our hearts. We always look forward to exploring ideas and opportunities in South Africa. Our operations in this fabulous country are based in Johannesburg.

Lima, Peru.

Our second location. Peru was chosen for it great potential, amazing people and ebullient nonprofit/social enterprise sector. One of our team members is regularly working from the fun city of Lima.

Now that you know us a little better we would love to hear from you. Contact us.

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