What’s in it for us? Three Good Reasons to join the B-Corp Movement

By: Andrew (Drew) Bonfiglio – Emzingo  (originally featured on Net Impact Boston’s blog).

To “B” or not to “B”…

There are over 1000 Certified B-Corps in more than 33 countries. Ben & Jerry’s, Patagonia, and Natura are some of the big names. Many of us, however, are SMEs/SGEs trying to make a difference and in some cases aspiring to scale in the way those ‘big 3’ already have.

So a natural question is, what’s in it for us? Emzingo is a leadership development company with social impact built into our programs and services and integrated into our organizational culture. Emzingo and the B-Corp movement have a clear values alignment, which is what drew us towards getting a certification in the first place. In addition to the philosophical alignment on how businesses should operate, there were three main drivers for Emzingo’s decision to join the B-Corp community.

1.- Accountability to our team and stakeholders – By completing the B-Corp application process, we were forced to take a hard look at the way we’re running our business, metrics we are tracking, policies we have in place, and the ways we hold ourselves accountable. The exercise alone was incredibly beneficial. The certification has now created a natural, annual mechanism to ensure we’re constantly improving our business practices. For anyone reading this who has ever started a company, run a small business, or is scaling her/his enterprise, you know the discipline it takes to step back when the daily to-do list is already a mile long and constantly growing.

emzingo-peru-round-table2.- Being part of the movement equals credibility – From Emzingo’s perspective, B-Corp is the Fair Trade certificate for service providers. Our social enterprise creates experiences and transforms individuals while creating a positive impact on communities. The challenge is that Emzingo is not [yet] a household name like the big guys mentioned at the beginning of this post. Association with B-Corp adds an element of credibility when approaching new partners and clients. It also gives us access and a common bond with other certified organizations with which we may want to partner, sell our services to, or support in another way. Consortiums and memberships exist for these purposes. However, Emzingo is confident that the B-Corp movement is more valuable to everyone involved because it is built by and around purpose-driven organizations.

3.- Building the ecosystem – Simply put, we love what we do and think there should be more people thinking the way that Emzingo and many of the other B-Corps do when it comes to driving responsible leadership, creating social change, and being responsible for natural resources and our environment. The question for us was, how do we make this happen beyond what our organization can do on its own? We view the B-Corp community as part of the answer. This community provides us the opportunity to support peers and colleagues, build a network across sectors and geographies, and create and live out one of Emzingo’s values, “Encourage Collaboration and Mutual Success”. Our hope is that we can create a multiplier effect by informing and influencing other B-Corp members.


This article was originally featured on Net Impact Boston’s blog.
Net Impact Boston is the Professional chapter of Net Impact, a global association formed to mobilize a new generation to use their careers to drive transformational change in their workplaces and the world. Our chapter includes Boston Area professionals who are committed to practicing and promoting the principles of social responsibility throughout the local community and beyond.



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