We design and facilitate life-changing leadership programs to expose and promote the competencies that today’s world requires.

Our programs offer participants the opportunity to strengthen their skills, broaden their networks, break out a career rut, and find new meaning in their jobs.

Does this sound like you?

– Professionals who want to develop their human potential and new leadership skills and teamwork.

– Proactive and “first movers” with initiative and desire to tackle the major societal challenges through innovation, creativity and market solutions.

– People who enjoy working as a team, and want to contribute to the process of co-creation in a space of agile and collaborative learning.

– People interested in the social sector who want to connect with the local ecosystem


Why you should do this

– Prepare yourself and your team for global challenges

– Apply your skills and knowledge in a challenging, unfamiliar environment

– Differentiate and increase the value of your academic and professional experiences

– Improve your opportunities in making a career transitions and professional growth

– Augment your decision-making and problem-solving skillset while providing solutions to complex organizational issues in developing markets

– Connect to the network of international, curious individuals that form the tight-knit Emzingo Alumni community

Where To Find Us

New York and Boston, United States

Emzingo Group is an international company by design, but, of course, we had to incorporate somewhere. Our founding members chose to incorporate in the United States of America and have representation in New York City.

Madrid, Spain

Emzingo Group founders met in Madrid while doing their MBA and spent a significant amount of time developing the business while living in Europe. One of our team members is always enjoying sunny Madrid.

Johannesburg, South Africa

As the first location of our programs, South Africa holds a special place in our hearts. We always look forward to exploring ideas and opportunities in South Africa. Our operations in this dynamic country are based in Johannesburg.

Lima, Peru

Our second location. Peru was chosen for it great potential, amazing people and ebullient nonprofit/social enterprise sector. One of our team members is regularly working from the up-and-coming city of Lima.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In 2014, Brazil hosted two big events: the FIFA World Cup, and Emzingo’s first ever program in this beautiful country. As part of our international expansion, we began operations in the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro. And yes, we enjoy the occasional trip to Sao Paulo.


Certified B-Corporation



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