Joining forces with Creas.

We’re thrilled to announce that emzingo (yes, with lower case now) is joining forces with the Spanish venture capital fund Creas, to further our mission of preparing responsible leaders and empowering  communities. Under their ‘Creas Desarrolla’ fund, we closed a $250,000 finance round with global investors! (Special thanks to Kyle for his support and expertise during the entire process.)

This is an endorsement, not only to our programs, but to our vision. A world where business leaders and organizations are committed to social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and financial success, resulting in a more prosperous, empowered, and inclusive society. It is also a proof of Creas’ commitment to social entrepreneurship, and to invest in sustainable projects with real social impact

In Creas we have found a true partner. One that shares our values, our vision, and our belief that in an ever-increasing complex and challenging world, the way forward is by bridging the gap between the business sector and society. Their support, advice and encouragement opens a new chapter, full of possibilities, for emzingo.

It was almost four years ago that Drew and Ramon travelled to South Africa for the first time with 9 MBA students from IE Business School, in Madrid, Spain. These trailblazer students were part of our first-ever emzingo NexGen program.

We’ve come a long way since. Our organization has grown, adding top-talent and – perhaps more important – friends to the team; Daniel and Pablo (both emzingo alumni) as partners,  Chris (our country manager in South Africa,) Cristina (also an emzingo alumna) and more recently Nizenande and Laura in Johannesburg and Lima, respectively.  Since 2010, we have run 10 programs, with 126 participants, managing 72 consultancy projects to empower and support 42 fantastic organizations; both nonprofits and social enterprises.

What does all this mean for emzingo?

    • The partnership with Creas will kickoff a new stage of growth for emzingo, and open the possibilities to other strategic partnerships. It will help us achieve our ambition to provide world-class learning experiences within the social impact space. Not only can we have more participants go through our transformational programs, we can amplify the impact that our field partners have on the communities they serve.
    • We will use this opportunity to invest in our presence in South Africa, Brazil and Peru, to grow the brand in North America and Europe, and develop new, innovative leadership services. This will allow us to hold a permanent presence in the countries in which we run leadership programs and at the same time drive new business and mature the program design. We will consolidate our position as a leader in experiential learning programs, through the expansion of our corporate, advisory, and academic offerings.

To our families, friends, the fantastic emzingo alumni, and customers that have encouraged and supported us in this journey, thank you! To Chris, Cristina, Niz, Laura, Max and Brian, thank you for your trust, passion and hard work. We could not have gotten this far without any of you, and we look forward to the exciting journey ahead!

– Ramon, Drew, Daniel and Pablo

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