Emzingo Featured Partner – Driven Entrepreneurs

Meet this month’s featured partner: Driven Entrepreneurs, a social enterprise offering customized entrepreneurial programmes for communities and secondary schools in South Africa.

Their programmes, including School Entrepreneurship Programs, In-Community Entrepreneurship Programs, Entrepreneurship Bootcamps and Custom Programs, have a clear mission in mind: to impact youth and adults across South Africa and Africa by transforming their entrepreneurial mindset and enabling them to take ownership of their future.

Emzingo has collaborated with Driven Entrepreneurs on various occasions since their inception as Awetu School. Our last engagement was this past January, when a group of inspired undergraduate students from the Dyson Cornell School of Business, flew to South Africa as part of a tailor-made program developed by Emzingo and Cornell University professors. The aim of the project was to provide marketing recommendations that could be immediately implementable to expand Driven’s funding sources and further drive their educational programs.

Learn more about Driven’s work and mission and discover Emzingo’s international programs.


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