The Emzingo LeaderSHIFT Award

The Emzingo LeaderSHIFT Award recognizes the efforts and achievements of purpose-driven responsible leaders, who are aligned to the Emzingo values and committed to responsible business practices that create positive impact and are sustainable in social, environmental and financial terms.

How it Works

Every month, we nominate an individual whose personal and professional achievements represent the Emzingo values and show a strong commitment to responsible leadership practices.

Then, once a year, we get together with our team and Board of Advisors to review the nominees and select the one who best represents our values and vision to build a world where business leaders and organizations are committed to social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and financial success.

How it Works

Please Meet…

Model, actress, and philanthropist turned social entrepreneur, Elisa Sednaoui Dellal, who in 2013 created the Elisa Sednaoui Foundation to empower and engage the next generation of problem solvers through arts, cultural exchange and the facilitation of life skills.

After starring in advertising campaigns for Chanel, Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Buccelati and Missoni –to name a few– and appearing in several feature films, alongside stars like Vincent Gallo, Edgar Ramirez, and Alain Chabat, in 2013 Elisa created the Elisa Sednaoui Foundation rooted in the belief that all children should have access to creative expression and cultural exchange, to unlock opportunities for positive personal development and a better future.

What is LeaderSHIFT?

LeaderSHIFT a Broader Context
LeaderSHIFT a Broader Context

LeaderSHIFT is the lens through which an individual views personal leadership and embraces long-term responsible leadership by committing to working always in the right PLACE:


Long-term focus

Authentic & Values-Based


Embraces change, uncertainty, and ambiguity

Why an Emzingo LeaderSHIFT Award?

At Emzingo, we want to celebrate commitment to responsible leadership throughout the world while actively working to:

  • Inspire others to embrace LeaderSHIFT
  • Prepare responsible leaders by facilitating the tools and platforms required to share knowledge and expertise
  • Connect responsible leaders around the world by celebrating the work they’re doing, and linking them to other leaders with shared interests in similar organizations.
Why a LeaderSHIFT Award


True leadership isn’t something that can be taught solely in a classroom or quietly sitting in a computer; we need to get ourselves out there!

July 2017


Meet Owen Muzambi, founder and  Director of Driven Entrepreneurs, a social enterprise offering customized entrepreneurial programmes for communities and secondary schools in South Africa a clear mission in mind: to impact youth and adults across South Africa and Africa by transforming their entrepreneurial mindset and enabling them to take ownership of their future.

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June 2017


Thulani Madondo,  co-founder and Executive Director of the Kliptown Youth Program (KYP). After participating in several community development organizations, Thulani decided to co-found KYP in 2007 with a clear mission: to provide opportunities that would enable Kliptown’s young people to rise out of poverty

In 2012, he was honoured as one of the Top 10 CNN Heroes, and his accomplishments have earned him many other recognitions since. KYP is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, and having had the honor to collaborate directly with the organization since 2011, we are more than happy to present this award to Thulani and his team for the wonderful work they’re doing in South Africa… HALALA KYP!

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May 2017

may 2

Concepción Conchita Galdón, the new Director & Academic Lead for IE’s Social Innovation division and Co-Founder of the Social Venture Puentes Global.

At IE she has the mandate to promote Social Innovation academic content across all IE Schools and Programs, encourage more research in Social Innovation and reach out to organizations and partners interested in Social Innovation… But, Why?, we asked her…

“According to neuroscience research, our brain learns best in the presence of an emotion. Social Innovation generates intense emotions and content related to social innovation not only helps our students become more conscious leaders but actually helps them learn more.”

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April 2017


Please meet Lesley Williams, co-founder of the Impact Hub Joburg. The Impact Hub Joburg is part of the world’s largest network of inspiring workspaces, vibrant learning communities, and entrepreneurial incubation programs working around the world…

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March 2017

ma sinbogile - emzingp award march 2017

Please meet Ma Sibongile, Founder and Director of Nanga Vhutshilo (Choose life), an organization founded in April 2006 with a clear mission: to empower orphans, vulnerable and HIV/AIDS affected children and their families to become self-sufficient, educated, and healthy adults…

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February 2017

John Lewis

John Lewis, President and Founder of Intelligent Futures, a social enterprise working at the intersection of urbanism, community engagement, strategic planning, and capacity-building to create lasting and meaningful sustainability solutions for communities and organizations in Calgary, Canada.

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January 2017


Shelley Danner, Co-Founder and Program Director of Challenge Detroit, an organization focusing on leadership development, social impact, and community empowerment.

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December 2017

Lauren Walters

Lauren Walters, a social entrepreneur with a strong belief in the power of the right networks of individuals to do amazing things collectively, who’s proven the value of collaboration throughout his career as a lawyer, entrepreneur, NGO leader, venture capital investor, and volunteer.

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November 2017

Isabel Medem - Leadershift November 2016

Isabel Medem, co-founder and CEO of X-Runner, a social enterprise that provides a dry sanitation product and service to low-income homes in the outskirts of Lima, Peru.

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October 2016


Roeland Donckers, a serial social entrepreneur with over 13 years of hands-on experience in creating and managing start-ups in emerging markets. He is nominated for his trajectory, and as co-founder of  iungo capital,  an Impact Investment company focused on financing small and growing businesses in frontier markets in East Africa.

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September 2016


Jose Alfredo, Alberto, Adrian, and Pablo, all nominated as co-founders of  Apadrina un olivo, an organization working to transform and preserve neglected rural areas and develop a sustainable and social economy through the recovery of over 100,000 abandoned olive trees in Oliete, a small town in Teruel, Spain.

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