Apadrina un Olivo: History, Environment and Solidarity

Apadrina un Olivo

By Maryem Sáder – Emzingo.

In May 2014, Alberto Alfonso Pordomingo, Jose Alfredo Martín, Adrian Martín Piñas and Pablo García Nieto, decided to transform and preserve neglected rural areas and develop a sustainable and social economy in Oliete, a small Spanish town in the province of Teruel. It was with this in mind that they came together to found Apadrina un Olivo.

Why Olive Trees?

It is no secret that trees help neutralize carbon emissions, so Apadrina un Olivo focuses on planting new olive trees while pampering, protecting, and conserving those that have already developed the carbon recovery superpower for over 100 years… and they are supporting local economy and cultural heritage in the process too!

By offering people the chance to adopt their very own Olive tree -over 250 visitors have come to the area to personally see the evolution of their adopted trees- the first nominees of The Emzingo LeaderSHIFT Award, have recovered 1.500 olive trees, generated two permanent and 6 part time jobs, and achieved full integration of people with disabilities in the workplace through a collaboration with local organization ATADI.

We asked co-founder, Jose Alfredo Martín, a few questions about the project, and here is what we found:

  1. What was the motivation behind Apadrina un Olivo?

The main motivation behind our project was nonconformity. It was the starting point from where we projected our emotions and actions to protect our history, our natural resources, and our cultural heritage and work every day to make apadrinaunolivo.org a reality.

  1. Where do you find inspiration?

In the idea of working with and for the community towards a common objective.

  1. To you, what makes a responsible leader?

Responsible leaders focus on HOW they do whatever it is they’re doing. A responsible leader will always start by asking, ‘How can I tackle this situation and, in the process, generate the greatest harmony between people, nature, and social ethics?’.

  1. Any good advice for aspiring social entrepreneurs?

It all starts with an idea, and there are many ideas, some better than others… The difference lies in taking that first step towards execution and then never giving up, just trying and trying and trying.

To learn more about Apadrina un Olivo, visit their website.

The Emzingo LeaderSHIFT Award™ recognizes the efforts and achievements of purpose-driven responsible leaders, who are aligned to the Emzingo values and committed to responsible business practices that have a positive impact and are sustainable in social, environmental and financial terms.

Learn more about the Award here.

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