Exclusive for IE January 2017 IMBA Students

Gain real-life impact consulting experience and responsible leadership training while discovering South Africa.

Consult for an NGO or social entrepreneur while undergoing an intensive leadership and personal development program that will inspire and prepare you to be part of the next generation of responsible leaders.

What it’s about

Our award-winning program recruits purpose-driven graduate students from IE for a six-week leadership and social impact training in South Africa. Participants attend an intense Human Centered Consulting and leadership training during the first week of the program, followed by five weeks working on an Impact Consulting project with a local NGO or social entrepreneur solving key strategic issues.

What’s in it for you?

* Gain valuable impact consulting experience working with an NGO or social entrepreneur in an emerging market.

* Actively assist an NGO or social entrepreneur with a key strategic challenge.

* Focus on strengths-based leadership techniques to help you discover your goals and ideal career path.

* Learn and apply Human Centered Consulting (HCC), a process and a toolkit in constant development by Emzingo that combines aspects of Human Centered Design (created by IDEO), Design Thinking Methodology, and Immersive Action-Learning.  Solutions using the HCC methodology start from what is desirable for the client’s user or beneficiary, and move towards creating viable and feasible solutions for organizations and communities with scarce resources.

Overview of the program

During the six-week Consulting Program, participants work in project teams directly with field partners to complete strategic, high-impact, consulting projects sourced from a variety of respected NGOs and Social Enterprises who understand the true value of working side-by-side with remarkable talent and leveraging implementable recommendations to the fullest.

After conducting a needs assessment, Emzingo determines the key workstreams and deliverables that fellows look to produce which will assist organizations to overcome key challenges or limitations. Past project examples have included 3-year strategic business plans, marketing strategies, impact assessment design and implementation, and financial analysis.

Participants also undergo an intensive leadership development and personal development program to help them determine and leverage their strengths in their careers.

Social Impact Lab

Duration: 6 weeks.

IE IMBA January 2017 intake

Applications opening April 2017.


* Strengths-based leadership development program.
* Participants engage in a one-week leadership development and human-centered consulting training and lead a 6 week in-country social impact consulting project.
* Participants will also attend professional development workshops, visit impact investors and social entrepreneurs, and see first-hand what business is doing to improve society.


* Participants gain real-life impact consulting experience with an NGO or social entrepreneur in an emerging market.
* Develop their leadership competencies and grow as young leaders.
* Learn first-hand about  a variety of themes including, but not limited to, social entrepreneurship, microfinance, impact investing, health, and education.
* Gain a deep understanding of an emerging market, identify potential interests/opportunities for employment, and become more motivated and encouraged to pursue meaningful work.

What it includes


* Human Centered Consulting training
* Leadership development workshops
* Group coaching and reflection seminars
* Project sourcing and management
* Mentorship from leading consulting groups
* Social impact workshops, visits, and sessions
* Flight to/from Madrid to Johannesburg
* Housing for six weeks
* Transportation to/from Emzingo-related activities

Dates & Location

June 25th – August 5th, 2017

South Africa


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