Our Live-Learn-Lead Methodology:

Creating market-based solutions rooted in a deep understanding of the real needs of the people we work with, and leveraging the strengths of business and social actors to redefine the way we embrace leadership.

NexGen Fellowship

The World Needs a New Kind of Leader – Are You In?

Our award-winning NexGen Fellowship recruits purpose-driven graduate students from top universities in the US, Europe, and Canada for an 8-week leadership and social impact training in Peru, Brazil, and South Africa. While in country, students work in teams of 2-3 to assist an NGO or Social Enterprise in solving key strategic issues. Each team is paired in-country to a mentor from a leading management or development consulting firm.

Leadership Development

Throughout the NexGen Fellowship, fellows undergo an intensive leadership training program which exposes them to key competencies including emotional intelligence, strengths-based leadership, positive psychology and more. Throughout the program, they engage in group leadership and reflection workshops to leverage upon each other’s strengths to become more self-aware and resourceful leaders. Fellows directly manage a consulting project from start to finish, and are challenged to use these leadership competencies each week. They are also provided with an executive-level coach, whom they meet with 3-4 times in country, to develop their personal and professional goals throughout the program and beyond. The result is that students emerge more culturally sensitive, socially responsible, self-aware, and with a clearer sense of how to build a rewarding career by leveraging their strengths and experiences.

Emzingo Chris Niz and Nixon South Africa

Social Impact Projects

During the 8-week fellowship, students in project teams work directly with field partners to complete strategic, high-impact, consulting projects. Emzingo sources its projects from a variety of respected NGOs and Social Enterprises who understand the true value of working side-by-side with remarkable talent and leveraging implementable recommendations to the fullest. After conducting a needs assessment, Emzingo determines the key workstreams and deliverables that fellows look to produce which will assist organizations to overcome key challenges or limitations. Past project examples have included 3-year strategic business plans, marketing strategies, impact assessment design and implementation, financial analysis and modeling, and the creation of revenue generating activities.

Emzingo works with a variety of NGOs (both domestic and international), start-ups and more developed social enterprises, as well as training institutions and schools of entrepreneurship. Since 2010, we have completed more than 95 projects in which we have collaborated with over 50 inspiring organizations.



Project teams will be partnered with a mentor from a leading for-profit enterprise or management consulting firm. The mentors will help guide the design and development of key deliverables and provide fellows with an introduction to consulting frameworks.


Fellows will be paired individually with locally sourced professional executive-level coaches. These coaches will help the fellows develop an action plan to determine their post-graduation career goals.


Students will engage in multiple reflection sessions to deepen their experiences and the key lessons they are learning during the fellowship. They each will be provided a moleskin and will be encouraged to journal their daily experiences.

Impact Learning Treks

Impact Learning Treks (ILT) expose students to unique social & economic challenges in emerging markets. These 1-2 week treks allow students to learn from innovative social enterprises in South Africa, Brazil, or Peru. Additionally, students partake in in-country academic workshops led by industry experts, focusing on sustainability, informality, and social inclusion; with visits to our nonprofit, corporate, and social enterprise partners.

Social Impact

Social impact experiences are designed to push our participants outside of their comfort zone. Students support homeless entrepreneurs in South Africa, share life experiences with vulnerable teenagers in Peru, or provide decent meals to orphans in Brazil. They are exposed to lectures on HIV/Aids and discuss key issues concerning economic and social sustainability with experts, professors, and NGO leaders. Through these experiences, students gain insights into the cultural context and specific economic and social challenges of each country.

NexGen Peru June 2014

Cultural Immersion

Students not only visit historical sites, but also get to bike through Soweto and taste home-cooked local cuisine in the townships. These hands-on experiences allow for students to build meaningful relationships, and learn first-hand from the local population of each country. At the end of each program, they also get to explore Cape Town, Kruger Park, Machu Picchu, or Rio de Janeiro.

Academic Workshops

Students attend several countrycustomized academic workshops revolving around sustainable development, corporate citizenship, and social inclusion. Corporate and NGO partners provide enlightening insights into the local and international context of each emerging market, highlighting key challenges, opportunities, and innovative solutions.

Customizable Content

Impact Learning Treks are designed and co-created by student groups or university staff along with Emzingo. The treks can focus on a variety of themes including, but not limited to, social entrepreneurship, impact investing, microfinance, health, and education. For more information please email


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